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Did God send a prophet?

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"Myths" About Ellen White

Amazing stories about Mrs. White — are they just a myth?

Are the accounts that Ellen White did supernatural things just fairytales contrived by her family and supporters, or is there basis to believe them as fact?

Ellen White Received the Great Controversy in Vision   Did H. L. Hastings' book inspire Ellen White's Great Controversy vision? Problem is that the critics forgot to verify that James White was even around when the book arrived in Battle Creek.

"Lofted a Heavy Bible" -- a Myth?   It has been suggested that the accounts of Mrs. White's supernaturally holding aloft an 18-pound Bible for an extended period are contradictory. We examine those accounts here, and come up with some rather surprising conclusions regarding their stated discrepancies.

Mrs. White wrote Steps to Christ   Critics charge that Fannie Bolton wrote Steps to Christ, "plagiarizing" from other Christian writers in the process. Using the information the critics themselves provide, discover for yourself the truth behind this one. See if you end up as surprised as we were.

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