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Did God send a prophet?
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The Life of Christ

Of the many themes that Ellen G. White wrote upon, It appears that she felt a particular burden to uplift Jesus as the Messiah--our Savior, our Example, and the world's greatest Teacher. Truly, without the life, death, and resurrection of Christ, we would have no Savior, no hope of true happiness in this world, and no hope of an eternal life of peace and happiness in the world to come.

Mrs. White wrote at great length upon the life of Christ and His teachings, and thus we are able to share with you only a few samples. We have drawn our material from two works by Ellen White: The Desire of Ages, her most extensive and well known book on this topic; and Early Writings, a collection of some of the earliest materials that Mrs. White published.

The following aspects of Jesus' life are covered in this sketch:

Click here to go to part 1, entitled “Christ’s First Advent”

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