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Sketches From the Life of Paul

Sketches From the Life of Paul
Sketches From the Life of Paul is one of the earliest books written by Ellen White regarding the New Testament church, Paul's conversion, and his ministry to the early Christians. This book was published early in the summer of 1883 and was eventually expanded and published as The Acts of the Apostles in 1911.

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Table of Contents

 Preface  [p. 7]
1. Saul the Persecutor  [p. 9]
2. Conversion of Saul  [p. 21]
3. Paul Enters Upon His Ministry  [p. 32]
4. Ordination of Paul and Barnabas  [p. 40]
5. Preaching Among the Heathen  [p. 52]
6. Jew and Gentile  [p. 62]
7. Imprisonment of Paul and Silas  [p. 72]
8. Opposition at Thessalonica  [p. 81]
9. Paul at Berea and Athens  [p. 87]
10. Paul at Corinth  [p. 98]
11. Epistles to the Thessalonians  [p. 109]
12. Apollos at Corinth  [p. 118]
13. Paul at Ephesus  [p. 128]
14. Trials and Victories of Paul  [p. 140]
15. Paul to the Corinthians  [p. 149]
16. Second Epistle to the Corinthians  [p. 172]
17. Paul Revisits Corinth  [p. 183]
18. Paul's Last Journey to Jerusalem  [p. 194]
19. Meeting With the Elders  [p. 207]
20. Paul a Prisoner  [p. 214]
21. Trial at Caesarea  [p. 234]
22. Paul Appeals to Caesar  [p. 246]
23. Address Before Agrippa  [p. 252]
24. The Voyage and Shipwreck  [p. 261]
25. Arrival at Rome  [p. 272]
26. Sojourn at Rome  [p. 280]
27. Caesar's Household  [p. 289]
28. Paul at Liberty  [p. 301]
29. The Final Arrest  [p. 304]
30. Paul Before Nero  [p. 310]
31. Paul's Last Letter  [p. 318]
32. Martyrdom of Paul and Peter  [p. 328]


Quotable Quotes

Those who preach unpopular truth in our day meet with determined resistance, as did the apostles. They need expect no more favorable reception from a large majority of professed Christians than did Paul from his Jewish brethren. . . .

The messengers of Christ must arm themselves with watchfulness and prayer, and move forward with faith, firmness, and courage, and, in the name of Jesus, keep at their work, as did the apostles. They must sound the note of warning to the world, teaching the transgressors of the law what sin is, and pointing them to Jesus Christ as its great and only remedy. . . .

He who has blunted his moral perceptions by sinful leniency toward those whom God condemns, will erelong commit a greater sin by severity and harshness toward those whom God approves. Viewed through the perverted medium of an unconsecrated spirit, the very integrity and faithfulness of the true-hearted Christian will appear censurable. . . .

The unstudied, unconscious influence of a holy life is the most convincing sermon that can be given in favor of Christianity. Argument, even when unanswerable, may provoke only opposition; but a godly example has a power which it is impossible wholly to resist.

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